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Cost Savings

At International Network Solutions, saving our customers money is second only to providing them with superior customer service and support. We conserve cost at all levels, from our network to billing, and pass our savings along to our customers. We’d love the chance to prepare a quote for your business so that you can see the difference that Cost Savings with I-Net Solutions can make for your organization.


Service Guarantee
We promise our customers they can expect the best from International Network Solutions. We deliver reliable, high-quality telecommunication services, with a commitment to personal customer service and technical support that sets us apart from other providers.

We stand behind this committment 100%, that's why we're confident enough to back every single one of our services with an iron-clad 30-day guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with your service during the first 30 days of the original service term*, you can cancel it without liability.  Plus, we'll even credit your bill for any charges you incur to switch your services back to your previous provider.**

We don't just strongly belive in our services.  We guarantee them too!

*Original service term calculated from the billing activation date of your service. To qualify for this service guarantee: (i) the reasons for your dissatisfaction must be within I-Net Solutions' direct control, and International Network Solutions must be unable to resolve the reported problem to your reasonable satisfaction within fifteen (15) days from its receipt of your notification; and (ii) your account with
I-Net Solutions must be current, with no outstanding balances over 35 days past due. You remain liable for all I-Net Solutions fees and charges incurred prior to the effective date of any valid service termination.

**Refund limited to reasonable telephone installation charges actually paid to your previous carrier to switch back your service(s).