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When does INS make sense for you?

I-Net Solutions is a great choice for all types of businesses. Here are a few examples of customers we can help:

“I own a small medical office. I only have ten employees, but between new appointments, confirmed appointments, calls from pharmacies and calls from insurance companies the phone is ALWAYS ringing! The cost is astronomical! Why can’t I find affordable basic phone service?”

“I feel like my business is constantly growing. Every time I turn around it feels like our staff is expanding while our office space is shrinking. There are so many departments sharing lines it is impossible to track my costs. Why isn’t there a way to track phone usage of individual departments and customize plans for each department to fit their needs?”

“I’m finally ready to take my business global, but it means four or five conference calls a day with investors in Japan. As if the cost of the calls alone wasn’t bad enough, they want us to be on the cutting edge of technology; we don’t even know what that means! Why can’t I find an unlimited long distance plan that targets the services I need? How do I get on the cutting edge of technology?”

With the variety of customizable plans and many additional services I-Net Solutions offers, we can customize any plan to fit your needs, whether those needs are simple unlimited local calling or targeted unlimited long distance. And if you need a little bit of both you can mix and match with different plans for different lines. I-Net Solutions also helps you monitor your costs through the use of location codes, which show you the usage for individual customizable areas of your office, such as Reception, Executive Office, and Billing. And for additional support, even more detailed breakdowns, such as dialed numbers, local vs. long distance, etc. are available through our Customer Care Center. Lastly, we are always on the cutting edge of technology, currently through offering a product that is brand new to communications, VoIP.

The best part? Just tell us your concerns and we’ll help customize our plans to best fit your needs. Great service at a great price is the reason that I-Net Solutions makes sense for every business telecommunication consumer.