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International Network Solutions focuses their sales campaign on Florida and the Northeast

Greenville, SC – 08/26/09 – International Network Solutions began a campaign this week that will focus their philosophy of excellent customer service at price lower than their competitors on Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio.

The relationship the core management team has developed with vendors and resellers from their many years in Telecommunications has allowed International Network Solutions to push the cost of voice, data, and internet services even lower; a savings that they will pass on to their customers.

When asked about I-Net Solutions’ current promotions, Samantha Schuller, Sales and Marketing Manager stated “This is a very exciting time for us.  We are moving forward with products and services that we really feel can help the business community regain control over one of their largest expenses in this trying economic time.”

Among the products that are sure to help customers with their growing telecommunications bills is the offering of Measured Business Lines.  These are phone lines where customers pay a low flat rate for the line and a per minute charge on all calls made.  This option will be especially beneficial to customers who had multiple lines in a stronger economy and now calls mostly come into one main line.  Offering a low cost option for a second or third business line allows customers to keep all of their lines at a much cheaper cost.