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International Network Solutions continues to expand their sales force nationwide.

Greenville, SC – 10/12/09 – International Network Solutions is excited to announce that this fall they will be focusing a new marketing campaign on sales agents nationwide.  I-Net Solutions has decided to focus their campaign on sales agents rather than an internal “inside” sales force because of the power agents have in today’s market.  Because most agents sell products from multiple providers they have a unique unbiased view of the industry.  Instead of fitting the customer into the provider’s plan a sales agent can find the provider to fit into the customer’s plan.

I-Net Solutions is also excited by the competition that agents create between providers.  The products, pricing and level of service I-Net Solutions offers are some of the best in the industry, and they are excited to prove this fact by competing directly with industry giants like AT&T for business.

Lastly, personalized, local service has always been I-Net Solutions’ goal, but with a nationwide provider, especially a young company, this can be one of the hardest things to provide.  Through agents we are able to localize our sales force, giving our customers a contact very close to them who they can call should they need any type of assistance.

I-Net Solutions’ new marketing campaign includes reworked product pricing, more comprehensive customer and agent information, digital, easy to use customer forms which can be filled out completely in Microsoft Word and printed or e-mailed for customer signature, and an enhanced compensation program including incentives for the “cornerstone” agents; those who will help I-Net Solutions build their business from the ground up.