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International Network Solutions adds I-Net World Reach Mobile service Powered by Verizon Wireless.

Greenville, SC – 08/02/10 – After months of negotiation, pricing and plan review, and product development, International Network Solutions is proud to release their latest product suite, I-Net World Reach Mobile.  I-Net World Reach Mobile is supported by Verizon Wireless, one of the largest wireless carriers in the nation, and is available throughout the Continental United States.

I-Net World Reach Mobile is different than other Wireless products available today because it is more flexible than the traditional wireless plans offered by other carriers.  With World Reach Mobile the contract is on the wireless minutes purchased only, not on the individual lines, meaning a customer can add or remove individual lines as often as needed with no penalties and no new contract.  We also allow each individual user to customize the messaging and data plans that are right for them, rather than sell every user an unlimited data plan.  This way, customers are able to pay only for the minutes, messaging, and data they use, saving the average I-Net World Reach Mobile customer 15 to 45 percent over their current carrier.

Switching to I-Net World Reach Mobile is simple.  Current Verizon wireless customers simply key in a code on your current wireless device, and they have switched.  The switch takes less than a minute to complete and customers keep all of the e-mails, pictures, and contacts stored to their device.  Current AT&T customers order a new device from our line of refurbished and new equipment, turn the device on, key in the code, and are up and running.

With I-Net World Reach Mobile customers are backed by not only I-Net Solutions' superior service and support, but also the support of Verizon Wireless.  I-Net World Reach Mobile customers get all of the perks of Verizon Wireless support; including local in-store support, overnight equipment replacement, and data recovery combined with the personalized customer service promised to every I-Net Solutions customer through our customer service, customer relations, and sales teams.

As one of the first resellers in the nation to offer nationwide mobile service, I-Net Solutions hopes to change the way customers view mobile service, streamline customer invoices by combining landline and mobile service on one bill, and continue to exceed every customer’s expectations with outstanding customer service and support.