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Hosted IP Services


I-Net Solutions Hosted IP Telephony offers flexible and affordable solutions with a fully managed IP network for integrated data and voice services.  I-Net Solutions can deliver a comprehensive set of PBX type features plus browser based functionality and other advanced communications features.  It enables easy self-management of advanced network hosted IP based communications (VoIP) and much more.


Who should use I-NET Hosted IP Services:

I-NET Hosted IP Services is an ideal service option for businesses with end-of-life telephone system(s) and wish to retain and/or increase functionality such as features and applications without the need to invest in a new telephony system (i.e.,
PBX or key system)

I-NET Hosted IP Services offers a suite of enhanced applications on a fully managed IP integrated data and voice network. It does not require a premises-based PBX or key system.

Benefits of I-NET Hosted IP Services:

• 99.999% uptime and business continuity

• Replication of customer information and configurations

• Easy relocation to alternate data centers without configuration or downtime

• Leverages network capacity from multiple redundant carrier partners in each data center

• No single point of failure as no individual site or carrier is critical to continued service delivery

• Redundant internet connections and network elements



I-NET Hosted IP Services Product Capabilities:

Multiple service options and feature packagesI-NET Hosted IP Services offers a robust suite of end-user and enterprise features and management portals. I-NET Hosted IP Services Basic offers a standard suite of end-user and enterprise features with an enterprise administration portal. I-NET Hosted IP Services Dial-tone offers enterprise features and administration portal.

A-la-carte enhanced features – Collaboration services options such as Voice Messaging, ACD, IP Conferencing, Auto Attendant, and Attendant Console can be purchased separately with I-NET Hosted IP Services. 

Integrate voice and data networksInternational Network Solutions enables you to simplify your network management and utilize bandwidth more efficiently.

Flexible connectivity optionsInternational Network Solutions offers T-1, DS-3, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Quality of Service – QoS enables proper prioritization of voice, Internet, and data traffic, ensuring appropriate bandwidth is available for each application at all times.

Reduced capital expenditure – Hosted IP services alleviate, the need for investment in a full on-premises IP telephone system.

CPE Requirements:
Certified IP phones and routers are required.