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Designed to be the perfect solution for business customers, I-Net World Reach Mobile is more flexible, more manageable, and more responsive than any other solution.  Whether a customer has 5 or 500 wireless devices to service, you’ll find that the best fit is with us.  And since our service is backed by one of the largest Wireless carriers in the nation, Verizon Wireless, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive exceptional products, service, and support.

Forget “per-line” contracts:
With I-Net World Reach Mobile you can add or remove lines as business demands change.  There are no contracts on individual lines or devices, only on the service account, so customers pay no outrageous penalties to add or remove an individual line; a great advantage especially for companies with seasonal, temporary, or contract employees.

Say Goodbye to Cookie Cutter Price Plans:
Our business price plans are designed on a per-account basis.  We will analyze the customer’s current usage based on their current carrier invoice and build a plan specific to the customer’s individual usage and needs.

Focus on the Bottom Line:
As with our Local and Dedicated products, I-Net World Reach Mobile is built to save customers 15% to 45% over their current provider by only selling them what they need, and not overselling customers using sales and promotional gimmicks.

Simple Switch:
Current Verizon Wireless customers switching to I-Net World Reach Mobile only need to key in a couple of numbers on their wireless phone. Customers keep their current Verizon Wireless phone, allowing them to keep all of their current numbers, pictures, e-mails, and applications with no interruption in service and no trip to the store.

In addition to a customizable Voice Package, I-Net Solutions offers several features based on each mobile number’s individual usage and needs.  Some of the features include:

Text Messaging:
Packages ranging from pay as you go to 5,000 text packages.

Picture and Video Messaging:
Packages ranging from pay as you go to 100 picture and video messaging.

Data Packages:
Get the most of your smart phone with packages ranging from 50 to 1000 Mb.  We also offer AirCards for mobile computing.

Mobile to Mobile:
Sign up for Mobile to Mobile for unlimited talk and text to all customers on the I-Net Mobile Network.